Music, Radio, and Tumblr

In Principles of Public Relations class we did a social media paper where we followed two companies’ Facebook and Twitter pages and then wrote an analysis and comparison essay about our findings.  I did two classic rock radio stations here in St. Louis: Oldies 103.3 FM KLOU and K-Hits 96.3 FM.  In this case, I’m not sure if a music station would be considered mainstream journalism as in “news” radio or just programming.

Because I have a love for music (mostly rock), you could say that one day I hope to do something with rock music.  I would love to have the opportunity to work at Clear Channel Radio.  I hope to someday meet Steve, Sherry Farmer, and Cindy Collins at KLOU.  I really wanted to meet Greg Hewitt, but have no idea what happened to him.  He suddenly went off the air and his blog is gone from their website, so maybe that means he left the station.

So how does music mesh with journalism?  Well, one obvious way is Rolling Stone magazine.  Oh my gosh, that would definitely be a dream job for me!!! Imagine having the opportunity to interview FAMOUS musicians and getting a first-hand glimpse into their glamorous lives.  Think of all the neat feature stories you could write!  Also, who wouldn’t want an all-access backstage tour pass?

Rolling Stone was first published in November 1967.  The ever-popular magazine has now emerged into social media.  In addition to a Facebook page, they now have accounts on Twitter and Tumblr.

Twitter is one thing, but Tumblr is another.  I took a glance at Rolling Stone’s Tumblr page.  It looks a lot like a Twitter, but with more images and blogging.  They have a nice photo and blurb about Kurt Cobain’s death (18th anniversary today) and other news happening in the music world.

I guess this is the time when I confess that I kind of wish I had chosen PR to write about.  Music PR would be an interest of mine as well.  But music journalism certainly is an interest I have, mostly in written copy but also radio.

I am interested in radio partly because of its ability to reach a very large audience at any given time.  People are most likely to listen to the radio while driving, and if you have a good enough station with content that is easily able to grab attention, then you have more success at gaining and keeping listeners.  And I’m not just alluding to casually talking about the weather… you have to be interesting enough to make your audience continue listening.  After all, in radio, you are not seen; only heard.  And the news segments are short: only 30 or 60 seconds.

Believe it or not, social media could be the way that radio bridges into being slightly like television.  Social media has the ability to align images with words, especially Tumblr, and maybe Instagram.  I do not have any experience with Instagram, so I cannot say it “for the fact”, but I’ve heard Instagram is like a Twitter for photos.  But that seems like what Tumblr is…photo sharing with status updates.  I think I will make that my next goal: creating a Tumblr account!   Think of all the things music journalists could do with Tumblr… concert announcements, tour photos, artist bios, pictures, concert movies (if you are able to upload video clips), and more.  I will definitely look into it, and also careers in music journalism.  Please share your ideas with me!


~ by Alexandra J. Gresick on April 10, 2012.

One Response to “Music, Radio, and Tumblr”

  1. I love Tumblr. It is a great site that anyone can use in any different way. I love that you can post pictures, videos, blogs, updates, anything on it. It is also great because unlike Instagram, you can use it on your computer. While instagram is only on your phone. Love this post.

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